Generic for Lipitor® now available

Lipitor is the most prescribed brand-name drug sold in America. An estimated 8.5 million people nationwide take it every day to control their cholesterol. If you take Lipitor, here's some good news: the patent protection for Lipitor ended Nov. 30, 2011, and the generic version - called atorvastatin - is now available.

Is atorvastatin the same medication as Lipitor?

Yes. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration closely monitors drug manufacturers and is careful to make sure that strict manufacturing parameters are followed. While there may be differences in the size, shape, color and inactive ingredients in atorvastatin and Lipitor, the active ingredient - the one that is responsible for lowering your cholesterol - is the same.

Do I need a prescription for atorvastatin?

Yes. Atorvastatin belongs to a class of drugs called statins. Statins are available only by prescription.

How much does atorvastatin cost?

Atorvastatin is covered under all Providence Health Plans prescription drug plans. Members with prescription drug coverage pay the generic copay indicated in their benefit summary.

If you take Lipitor, talk with your health care provider or pharmacist about switching to the generic version. You'll save money while keeping your cholesterol under control.