Children's health

If you're a parent, you likely spend some of your time marveling at the capacity of your children to weather — and bounce back from — any number of physical and emotional challenges. But over time, that resilience can erode if your child hasn't learned — and applied — the basics of good health. No matter your child's age, it's never too early (or too late) to start fostering healthy habits for a lifetime of healthy practices around food, physical activity, oral health and emotional well-being.

Your children may pick up bad habits from their peers at school, but they're taking their cues from what they see at home. You can implore your children to brush their teeth twice daily, eat more fruit and get moving to stay fit and help de-stress, but if you never floss, indulge in sweets and zone out on TV to help you cope with your day, your children are more likely to follow that lead.

Being a good example is hard work, to be sure, but your child deserves the education and tools to help her live long and prosper. Start with the essentials — vaccinating your child, offering healthy food at home, getting in a bit of physical activity together, wearing sunscreen and seat belts — and go from there.