Stay safe traveling

Summer is upon us and the kids are out of school; it’s the perfect time for a vacation. Getting away, taking a break from reality and putting your responsibilities to the side are great feelings. Coming back from vacation safe and healthy is also a great feeling, which is why we put together this list to help you enjoy your vacation.

  1. Make a copy of your passport and keep it in a safe place. If your passport if stolen, it will take less time and hassle if you provide the local embassy with a copy.
  2. Don’t carry too much cash. Use credit and debit cards when you can.
  3. If you have valuables, lock them in a safe in your hotel room.
  4. Don’t wander off by yourself. Always have a least one other person with you.
  5. Tell a family member or friend, who will not be on the trip with you, of your travel plans and itinerary. This way, someone will know where you are supposed to be at any time.
  6. If you are traveling abroad research any vaccines you need beforehand and give yourself enough time to get the shots. Visit the Providence Traveler’s Clinic for more information.
  7. Keep your medication, passport and cash with you or in a carry on while boarding a plane. Don’t put them in your suitcase, which can get lost.
  8. Keep your wallet in your front pocket or in a hand purse. It is more difficult for pickpockets to steal from you without noticing.
  9. Know your route before you go out. Check out a map and plan your path before leaving your hotel room so you aren’t targeted as a tourist.
  10. Consider water and food options in your vacation spot. Depending on the filtration system of the country, you may need to drink bottled water instead of tap water and avoid certain foods due to how they are prepared. No one wants to get sick on vacation!
  11. For information about your health insurance benefits while traveling, contact the Customer Service number on the back of your ID card or visit myProvidence.