How to make the most of your farmers market experience

Warm weather, sunny days and fresh fruits and vegetables, the summer is here and so is the farmers market.

Buying from your neighborhood farmers market not only supports local farmers, it also has other benefits such as healthy options and lower prices. Since the farmers don’t need to pay a middle man to sell the product to consumers, they usually can charge less for their items.

Here are some tips to make the most out of your trip to your local farmers market.

  1. Shop around and compare. Try to walk the whole market comparing prices and products before making your purchase.
  2. Ask questions. Find out when the products were picked, if any chemicals/pesticides were used and meal ideas using the foods.
  3. Go early or late. If you get there early you get your pick of produce, and you can hopefully avoid the crowds. If you arrive there later in the day, some farmers would rather give discounts on the foods then take them back with them.
  4. Bring cash. Even in the world of debit and credit cards, many at the markets will only accept cash.
  5. Don’t forget reusable bags. If farmers do have bags available, they are usually small and plastic. Bring your own bags and lots of them so you can load up on your favorites.

To find a farmers market near you, visit the Local Harvest website.