Coverage while you travel abroad

If you have a health emergency while traveling outside the United States and its territories, there’s no need to worry about your coverage: Your Providence medical plan covers you worldwide. 

When you seek emergency or urgent care services outside the U.S., you should expect to pay for these services up front. Make sure you receive and keep proof of your payment as well as an itemized statement of the services.

When you come home, submit copies of these items to us using a member reimbursement form (PDF). It is helpful to include a note explaining why you needed medical attention. We will reimburse you for the services less any applicable cost-sharing at the in-network level.  

Please note we will not reimburse currency conversion fees or international taxes. In most other non-emergent situations, your Providence Health Plan will not pay for health care or supplies you receive outside of the U.S. Check your plan contract for specifics.

If you wish, Providence Health Plan will send you a letter describing the benefits to which you’re entitled while traveling abroad. You may wish to keep it with you as you travel. If you’d like to receive a letter, contact Customer Service at 800-878-4445.