Getting fit together


Even if you're the solo type, you know that sharing an out-of-breath moment with someone else can be exhilarating. Finishing your first Zumba class with your sibling or friend, paddling downriver with other kayaking enthusiasts — this is muscle-aching, character-building fun. Who doesn't get a rush from walking or running or crawling your way through miles to support a cause — from preventing cancer to preventing domestic abuse? It's rewarding to experience something new or familiar — together. This solidarity and camaraderie around fitness and health — and perhaps helping someone else, too — breeds better physical health, but it also inspires in you a kind of pride and sense of accomplishment that lives deep inside. Feels good, doesn't it?

Getting fit can be an exercise in individuality and independence. Perhaps your most sacred moment is walking your neighborhood in the early hours before work, meditating on the day before you. Or maybe, for you, that sacred time is going for a night run after your kids are tucked away in bed, or stealing away to the gym to swim laps for a precious half hour. Those moments are so important. So, too, are the opportunities to move and groove with your larger community.

Don the lucky number 77 for a 5K in honor of your Aunt Clare, a cancer survivor. Join a ski club or take a tai chi class. Join forces with like-minded folks who share your passion for archery, roller-skating or mountain climbing. Doing it together is good for your health.

Find time to get fit together.

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