Battle your exercise excuses

You’re tired, hungry, too busy, have to run errands…does this sound familiar? Break your bad habit of making excuses not to work out and get in shape.

Excuse no. 1 – “I’m too tired”

You may be tired before you exercise, but once you start working out you’ll get more energy. Exercise releases endorphins (hormones that make you feel good) and increases your blood flow. Hitting the gym early in your day may keep your energy levels up throughout the day, but any time of the day is a good time to exercise.

Excuse no. 2 – “I don’t have time”

Schedule some time for yourself. You schedule work meetings, doctor’s appointments and dinner dates, why not exercise? If you enjoy your time watching television too much to give up, use it as time to burn some calories – you can walk in place, use hand weights or jump rope while you tune into your favorite show.

Excuse no. 3 – “My kids are always with me”

Exercise with your kids. You can use make family time for a bike ride or a game of basketball. Not only will exercising with the family keep you in shape, it will help your kids learn the importance and value of exercise.

Excuse no. 4 – “I don’t like to exercise”

If you think using the elliptical trainer at the gym makes time stop, figure out what you enjoy, instead. Are you a hockey fan? Can you join a roller- or ice-hockey recreational team? Or maybe you like to dance; check out dance classes for adults at your local gym or dancing school.

Excuse no. 5 – “Exercise is too expensive”

Exercise can be expensive if you go to a gym, hire a personal trainer and buy a treadmill for home, but do you really need all that? Grab your iPod and go for a jog around your neighborhood or find a biking trail to ride. Exercise can be as expensive – or inexpensive – as you make it.

No more excuses! Get out there and get your heart pumping.