Say "OK!" to 90-day

Did you know that Providence Health Plan will cover 90-day supplies of many of the medications you take routinely?

It’s true: you can get 90-day supplies of these medications at preferred retail and mail order pharmacies.

Here are some reasons why you may want to switch from filling your medications 30 days at a time to 90 days at a time:

  • You may be able to get three months of your medications for a lower cost per month. Some of our plans have an incentive to fill 90-day supplies – for example, you may be able to get them for two times the monthly copay instead of three.
  • You’ll get added convenience by reducing the number of times you go to the pharmacy to pick up your ongoing medications.
  • Fewer trips to the pharmacy means fewer chances to run out of your medications when taking them as your doctor directed – and taking medications as directed can improve your long-term health.

How can you take advantage of this benefit?

  • Ask your pharmacist to help you get your medications switched to 90-day supplies.
  • Tell your doctor that you want 90-day supplies for future prescriptions.

Medications can be filled for a 90-day supply at preferred network retail and mail order pharmacies.

Please note that this benefit does not apply to specialty medications.

Contact customer service if you need help finding a preferred pharmacy or if you have questions about this benefit.