Energy drinks

Buzz or buzz kill?

If you use energy drinks to perk up, there's a downside to your health. Frequent use of these beverages can cause health problems.

Caffeine addiction:
  • One energy drink can have as much caffeine as 20 ounces of coffee or four cups of tea.
  • Regular use creates a cycle of dependence and withdrawal.
Unwanted side effects:
  • Caffeine causes insomnia, panic attacks, bowel irritability and anxiety.
  • Additives are not FDA regulated, so their safety is unknown.
Weight gain:
  • They usually are high in sugar and calories.
  • Beverages don't make you feel full, so it's easy to over indulge.
Bottom line? Use energy drinks sparingly. Instead, boost your energy through a well-balanced diet, plenty of exercise and a good night's sleep.