Making Good Choices

When it comes to eating, we have seemingly infinite choices. Some of us eat to live, and some of us live to eat. Wherever you fall along that spectrum, you have the opportunity to choose wisely. What does that mean to you? We don't pretend to know, because what you choose should be specific to your needs and wants around food. But there are some basic tenets of healthy eating that you can use as guideposts throughout your day. Eating moderately. Practicing portion control. Eating more whole foods and fewer processed foods. Piling your plate high with vegetables. Skipping the sugary drinks. Listening to your doctor when she tells you that your health would benefit from a change in diet. We don't expect you to make good choices 100 percent of the time - what fun is that? Being aware, however, that making good choices matters - and putting that into practice - may tip the scales in your favor over time.