Make a zero weight gain goal

The holidays can be a mixed bag. While it’s a wonderful time to connect with family and friends, reflect on the year past and exercise your passion for cookie decorating, the season can also bring extra pounds and unwanted stress.

Maybe you don’t fret over a pound or two, but if they add up – year after year – holiday weight could greatly affect your long-term health. Bah humbug!

Why not set yourself up for zero weight gain this year? Weigh yourself now, before the revelry begins, then make a goal to remain the same weight through New Year’s Eve – and beyond.

Here are a few tips to help you reach your goal:

  • Don’t arrive at parties hungry. Eat a light and nutritious snack before going out.
  • Eat your favorite holiday foods – just keep the portions small.
  • Avoid drinking too much alcohol at holiday parties. Keep a club soda in your hand if you feel out of place without a drink.
  • Choose your desserts carefully. Take a small portion of one type rather than piling up a variety plate.
  • Walk – and then walk some more. Take walks before or after a meal to burn calories and help you control snacking or overeating.

Visit and go to Wellness Central* to view the Wellness Central Dashboard. Use the  dashboard to help you manage the temptations of the season, and reach your zero weight gain goal. You’ll find helpful tips and a lot of resources related to eating well, setting goals and staying motivated.

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