What's in your drink?

When we think about cutting calories we automatically think about how to eat healthier and cut portion sizes. While this is correct, we don’t always think about what beverages we are consuming and how that can affect our calorie count for the day.

There are so many options out there tempting us, but all our body really needs is water. You don’t have to give it all up, but rethink your drink for less caloric alternatives. We’ve put together an example of a day of beverages for you.

What you drink today An alternative
Starbucks Café Latte (12 ounces)...120 calories Regular coffee (one creamer, one sugar)...30 calories
Coke or 7-Up (20 ounces)...250 calories Diet Coke or diet 7-Up (20 ounces)...0 calories
Gatorade (20 ounces)...130 calories Gatorade (8 ounces)...52 calories
Beer (12 ounces)...160 calories Light beer (12 ounces)...110 calories
Total ...660 calories Total ...192 calories

As you can see that's a lot of calories for one day! Little by little it all adds up. Do you know how much you drink each day? Visit the CDC to learn more.