Know what to ask

During your annual health visit, it’s essential that your primary care provider know you and your health needs. It’s also important that you’re comfortable asking questions and discussing specific concerns related to your health and well-being. Your provider will ask you a number of questions during your annual visit, but it’s also good to be prepared to discuss issues at the top of your own list.

Not sure what to include on that list? Use the one below as a prompt, and add any other concerns or questions you may have: 

  • Your mood (Are you generally happy?)
  • Physical activity
  • Your body mass index (A number calculated from your height and weight, used to identify possible weight concerns.)
  • Do you need a flu or pneumonia vaccine?
  • Do you need a screening test for breast, cervical or colorectal cancer?
  • Are you at risk for medical conditions such as osteoporosis, diabetes or high blood pressure?
  • What is your risk for falling? How can you prevent falls?
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Tobacco use and resources to quit