Frequently asked questions

What is a health coach?

Health coaches are credentialed health care professionals (including nurses, registered dietitians, social workers, licensed counselors, health educators and exercise physiologists) who provides guidance to members on evidence-based areas of wellness such as physical activity, nutrition, stress management, weight management, tobacco cessation and sleep. A Health Coach also may be able to help you lower your cholesterol, blood pressure, and/or blood sugar. You can read more about our team on our coaching website at

How can health coaching benefit me?

A health coach is trained to help you set achievable goals, stay motivated, navigate challenges and build confidence to enable lasting behavior change. A coach can work with you and your doctor to develop a healthy lifestyle plan.

How should I prepare for a coaching session?

During the first coaching session, your health coach will ask you questions to get to know you and learn about your current lifestyle habits. Together, you and your health coach will come up with 3-6 month goals. During the follow up sessions you will review your progress and explore any challenges that may have come up.

What areas can I be coached on?

  • Weight management
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Stress management
  • Sleep
  • Tobacco cessation
  • Diabetes prevention
  • Care navigation to health plan resources
  • Additional topic areas may include managing hypertension, high cholesterol and high triglycerides

What’s included in health coaching?

  • Health and wellness tools such as books, pamphlets, and goal setting guides
  • Telephonic and Online sessions
    • Program duration is 3 to 24 months
    • Tailored coaching support
    • Telephonic sessions usually last 20 to 30 minutes
    • Bi-monthly or monthly sessions

Do you offer in-person Health Coaching?

In-person coaching is offered upon request, but limited to our Beaverton and Portland office location areas. If you are interested in this option, please let your coach know after your first telephonic appointment. If you’d like further in-person support, your plan may cover visits to see a registered dietitian. Customer Service can help you to understand your wellness benefits and direct you to in-network providers. Customer Service can be reached at 503-574-7500.

Can my spouse enroll in Health Coaching?

If your spouse meets eligibility requirements and has insurance through Providence Health Plan they may enroll. They must call the health coaching line to enroll.

How much does health coaching cost?

Health coaching is free to eligible members.

How do I sign up for health coaching?

The first step to enrolling in the program is to participate in a phone screen by calling 888-819-8999 or 503-574-6000, or by submitting an online form. 

Am I eligible?

Health coaching services are not available for all members. To determine program eligibility, please contact the health coaching program online using the form or call 888-819-8999 or 503-574-6000.