Health coaching results


71% of members working on nutrition with a health coach made an improvement in their diet

› 24% improvement in members meeting vegetable dietary guidelines 
› 19% improvement in members meeting fruit dietary guidelines

“I didn't realize this service was available until [a health coach] called me. I received the coaching flyers in the mail but never read them. I lost 20-25 pounds from coaching and as a result changed my eating habits. Since leaving I have gained back 5 pounds but drink lots of water and stay away from fried food as much as possible.” -Steve

66% of members working on weight management with a health coach made an improvement

› Average weight loss at 8 sessions: 11 pounds
› Average weight loss at 12 or more sessions: 12 pounds
› Average overall weight loss for those working on weight management: 6 pounds

“I entered into health coaching because I was curious, but I was a bit timid to fully engage at first. After a few sessions with the health coach, I was a believer! Having a professional that keeps you accountable, on track, and supported was key to my losing about 30 lbs. and many inches. I am wearing jeans that I haven't worn in 30 years, have more energy and feel better than I have in years! Thank you!” -Laura


44% of members working on stress with a health coach made an improvement

› Incorporating regular use of stress reduction techniques, coping with stress, and/or having a good support system

“My coach was great. I lost my parents and my spouse a year ago, and it has made it more difficult for me to make lasting changes. But the coaching was appreciated and helpful.” -Deb


82% of members working on exercise with a health coach made an improvement

› 17% increase in members meeting moderate exercise guidelines
› Members on average increased days of exercise from 2 days to 3 days
› Members' total physical activity went from 102 minutes per week to 158 minutes per week

"...Down 35 lbs and just achieved my goal of 2,000,000 steps/1,000 miles!! I did this all in 6 months and I thank my coach for being there on my journey. New goal of dropping 20 more pounds, 1 million more steps and being off blood pressure meds by Christmas!” -Mark


53% of members working on sleep with a health coach made an improvement

› Increasing the amount of sleep per night or feeling rested when waking up in the morning

"My coach was very gentle, kind, and focused in our telephone calls. I appreciated her strength based approach and her ability to see progress when I saw little to none." -Anonymous


55% of members working on tobacco cessation with a health coach made an improvement

› Decreasing or quitting the use of tobacco products

“My health coach was super helpful and encouraging in helping me make realistic goals to better my health. I feel like my health has improved and has set me up to continue with maintaining these goals and gave me good information on how to be successful on my own.” -Will

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Self-report outcomes are tracked for members who have at least three health coaching sessions. Outcomes data were reported October 2018.