Meet our coaching team

Chelsea, lead health coach

ChelseaEducation: Chelsea received a Bachelor of Science in nutrition at Pennsylvania State University and completed her dietetic internship at Oregon Health and Science University. She is a registered dietitian and ACSM Certified Health and Wellness Coach. She has over 10 years of experience teaching, coaching and delivering nutrition and lifestyle counseling. Areas of interest include cancer prevention and survival, anti-inflammatory diets, GI health, weight management and mindfulness-based stress reduction.

Philosophy: Chelsea approaches lifestyle change holistically, taking into account many dimensions to health and well-being, including stress, environment, support, nutrition, physical activity and sleep. She has a down-to-earth approach and works with her clients to create a healthy lifestyle in a way that is flexible, fun and rewarding. She incorporates humor, lightness, and creativity into her coaching practice.

Hobbies: Distance running, hiking, yoga/meditation, cooking and playing with her two sons.

Meagen, health coach

MeagenEducation/background: Meagen has a master’s degree in counseling, with a specialty in marriage, family and child counseling from University of Phoenix and an MBA from University of Phoenix. She spent over 15 years working in the child behavioral health system in Arizona. In 2005, she started doing running events and eventually started working for a fundraising organization who trained people for marathons, century rides and triathlons. After doing this for some time, she found a perfect profession to match her interests and skills in the area of wellness coaching and has been doing this since 2007. 

Philosophy:  Her coaching philosophy is based on honoring each client as an expert in his/her life and work. She believes that every client is naturally creative, resourceful and whole and it’s her job to:

  • Discover, clarify and align with what the clients want to achieve 
  • Encourage self-discovery
  • Elicit client-generated solutions and strategies
  • Hold clients responsible and accountable

Hobbies: Triathlon, cycling, running, hiking, camping. Loves to read books and generally be outside.  

Sonya, health coach

SonyaEducation/background: Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the University of Nevada, Reno and a master’s degree in public health from Des Moines University. Sonya has two plus years as a health coach and working to implement wellness initiatives in the workplace. Also, she has volunteered for a non-profit organization focused on improving the quality of food provided to low-income families, as well as providing nutrition education. She spent six months in Africa working on a public health initiative to reduce fluoride levels in the drinking water.

Philosophy: Sonya believes in providing her compassion and encouragement to help you reach your desired state of wellness. She is committed to creating a non-judgmental environment to assist you in finding clarity in your wellness vision and determine what approach works best for you as a unique individual. Sonya will be there to support you through the process by pointing out accomplishments you have made and helping you to identify and overcome challenges.

Hobbies: Running, traveling, spending time with family.

Will, health coach

WillEducation/background: Will is an ACE Behavior Change Specialist and ACSM Certified Personal Trainer. He received his Bachelor of Science in health sciences from Portland State University and has a diverse background including experience in group fitness, personal training, fall prevention and physical therapy.

Philosophy: You know when you’ve found a cause that matters to you. You feel purposeful, confident and relentless; nothing can get in your way. This powerful state of mind enables you to achieve great things.

It takes a powerful state of mind to achieve lasting health and wellness, too. What is your cause for achieving wellness? You may want to lose weight for an upcoming vacation, have more energy to keep up with the kids, or hike the entirety of Camino de Santiago. Whatever your ambitions, he’ll strive to help you 1) connect with a meaningful cause for achieving them; 2) set tangible, relevant goals; and 3) become inspired to take immediate and consistent action.

Hobbies: Will enjoys physical activity of all kinds, reading biographies and bodybuilding magazines, binge-watching Netflix and building Lego vehicles with his son.

Colleen, health coach

ColleenEducation/background: Colleen received her Bachelor of Science in dietetics at Ohio University and completed her dietetic internship/residency through Sodexo. She is a registered dietitian with a Certificate in Training for Adult Weight Management from the Commission of Dietetic Registration. She has extensive knowledge in vegan/vegetarian nutrition, sports nutrition, metabolic processes, GI, chronic illness and weight management. 

Philosophy: Her philosophy is to meet clients where they are, and help them gradually move towards their goals with small steps. She has a mind/body/holistic approach, seeing all angles of health including nutrition, movement, recovery and mindset. Each client is in the driver’s seat, and Colleen honors that she is just there to hold a space for them to tap into their own inner guidance. Understanding that ambivalence can be painful, she helps clients see that the problem behavior is out of line with the person who they really want to be. Colleen works with clients to help them see there is a very strong, confident person within, who is already whole and complete. 

Hobbies: Yoga, running, playing the piano and guitar, listening to podcasts and Audible, writing poems and songs, journaling, mediation, photography, cooking, creating new recipes, food styling and food/travel blogging.

Janea, health engagement coordinator

JaneaEducation/background: Janea received a general associate degree from Portland Community College and graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor of Science in business administration: general management. She also completed the medical assisting program through Portland Community College and received a certification from the AAMA.

Her tenure with Providence includes working as a medical assistant in a specialty clinic and as a customer relations specialist with the health plan. These opportunities have given her the chance to create successful patient experiences, work alongside of other health care professionals including nurses and physicians, and gain extensive knowledge on health plan coverage policies. 

Philosophy: She believes time is precious so we should spend it wisely and on things that really matter. 

Hobbies: She is an avid turbo kicker, enjoys reading a variety of books ranging from historical fiction to sci-fi fantasy, cooking with her family and hiking during the summer.