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Join Providence’s professional health coaches along an informative journey to help you move more, identify smart ways to lose or manage weight and navigate the latest information on health and well-being trends. You’ll get practical advice that will empower you to create sustainable lifestyle changes. These small bite podcasts are about 20 minutes - perfect for your commute or neighborhood walk.

Featured Podcast

Surviving the Holiday Season

The holiday season presents an assortment of demands: shopping, cooking, cleaning and entertaining, to name a few. Pandemic-induced stress and anxiety only add to the mix, meaning your holiday plans probably look and feel much different this year. This month, Will and Colleen sit down with Dr. Miles Hassell from the Providence Comprehensive Risk Reduction Clinic and author of Good Food, Great Medicine to discuss tips and strategies to help turn this holiday season into an opportunity to improve your overall well-being.

In this podcast, the Providence team will discuss…

  • Tips to include physical activity into your holiday schedule
  • Healthy food choices during social gatherings
  • Lifestyle choices to improve your immunity


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