Frequently asked questions

I’m having trouble finding the right provider to fit my health goals. Can you help?

We provide personalized support in finding a care team that’s right for you. 

Can you help with my new diagnosis?

New diagnoses can be scary and stressful; we can help. We’ll walk with you through this condition including finding in-network providers and facilities, understanding your diagnosis, symptom management, medications, treatment plans, and assist with finding possible financial assistance when needed.

My doctor has suggested a procedure that requires a prior authorization from the health plan and I don’t know what to do!

We’ll shepherd your request through the prior authorization process to ensure your personalized health care needs are known to your care team.

My medications too expensive for me to afford, can you help?

We will assist you in connecting with your provider and pharmacy to find the lowest cost options as well as secure any available assistance from pharmaceutical companies or other financial resources.

I need medical equipment but keep getting the run around from the medical equipment company, I don’t know what to do.

We will make the calls for you to track down your provider’s order, authorization, and equipment to be sure you have what you need.

I (or my family member) was recently in a catastrophic accident or experienced a life changing event. Where do I start?

We can assist with coordination of care and securing resources in unexpected life events, whether new physical or cognitive limitations requiring assisted living or in home care, financial support, community support and resources.

I’m new to the health plan and in the middle of treatment for a condition. Can you help me understand my new coverage and where to go?

We’ll help you transition your care to providers, facilities and pharmacies that are in your plan.  If your treatment is active, we will help you gather the clinical information necessary to finish your treatment with your current provider under the Transition of Care process.