Find your place in the community: get involved, have fun

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Isn't it time you showed your community — and yourself — some love? Where you live and work is also where you should play. Cooking classes and Mandarin classes; writing workshops and parenting workshops; musical performances and theater performances; street festivals and holiday festivals; museum outings and nature outings; neighborhood tours and community literacy activities — these all are ways to connect with members of your community and, together, experience a sense of purpose and pleasure.

Your health is a much broader concern than simply seeing your doctor, getting the required screenings and eating your greens. We want you to find your passion — and then feed it as often as makes you happy. When you take time to enjoy life, to connect with people who share your affection for books or plants, music or history, politics or religion, you nourish your soul. You also build your own community within a community — a place where you can learn, grow and belong.

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