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HealthOutreachWhen you’re given a diagnosis – whether it’s arthritis or cancer, depression or diabetes, heart disease or migraines – it’s hard not to feel alone. You’ve been handed something you didn’t want, and, in many cases, something you didn’t expect. Your first response is likely not one of enthusiasm. It feels more like defeat. Your world collapses in on itself, and then that inevitable thought comes: no one else could possibly understand what I’m feeling.

The good news is that there are communities of people out there who understand exactly what you felt in that moment, and – in spite of their anger, disbelief, frustration and sadness – have gone on to live full lives.

You’re entitled to your full range of feelings that come, and go, when you’re diagnosed with a condition or illness. You may feel that your body or mind has betrayed you, but you don’t have to extend that betrayal by turning your back on yourself, your family and your friends. Whatever your illness or diagnosis, know that there are people out there who have come before you, struggled before you, found help and now want to give back what was so freely given to them.

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