Find your sacred space and place


Attending to your spirit is as much a part of being healthy as the food you eat and the miles you walk, run or bicycle. Spirituality is a search for meaning and also a discovery of the values and beliefs that guide how you live. It’s an interior landscape that you create, and likely an ever-changing one as your spiritual beliefs evolve over time. Your spirituality can be grounded in faith or formal religious traditions, and it also can be rooted in something else altogether that comforts you and connects you to the world. However you choose to define it, spirituality affords us the acknowledgment that we all are part of something larger than ourselves.

Perhaps you feel most connected when you pray or meditate; sometimes, you find that sense of connection in a place of worship such as a synagogue, mosque, temple, church or sanctuary; other times, you may find peace in the beauty and wonder of nature.

At Providence, our Mission is one of love and compassion for all; we strive to honor all the ways we are connected to one another. The way we connect with you matters to us. And the way you connect to your source of strength and sense of self matters to us, too.

Each of us is a complex system of blood and cells, bone and tissue, feelings and beliefs. Your spirituality is intimately connected with your physical health: it’s how you find calm, distill from the worries and wonders of the day what really matters, and bring that peace and love back into the world.

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