Take a personal health assessment

Ready to write down your New Year’s resolutions?  If health goals haven’t been a priority in the past, this year add one or two to the top of your list then let us help you achieve them.

The best way to set health goals and assess your progress is to understand where you are now, and where there’s room for improvement. Taking a current snap shot of your health will make it easier to follow your progress. You’ll see your successes and challenges through a clear lens.

Use the personal health assessment resource – it’s free, easy, confidential and takes only 10 minutes to complete. Log in to myProvidence.com and click on Wellness Central* or click on Personal Health Assessment.

Answer the health history and health habits questionnaire to find your risks and identify any concerns. You’ll get a comprehensive report to with steps to guide you toward your goal.

Here’s to a new year of better health and wellness!

*Disclaimer: Most plans include Wellness Central. For questions about myProvidence or Wellness Central, contact myProvidence customer service at 877-569-7768.