Jan. 21 is National Hugging Day

In 1986, Michigan native Kevin Zaborney boldly declared Jan. 21 as National Hugging Day, and it stuck. Now, Jan. 21 is recognized around the globe as a day to hug and be hugged by friends, family, colleagues and even strangers.

Zaborney never dreamed his unofficial holiday would stick around. However, as more studies confirm the psychological and physical benefits of hugs, National Hugging Day continues to gain momentum.

But not everyone is comfortable with public hugging – or hugs of any kind –so if you plan on celebrating National Hugging Day, ask before giving that warm embrace.

Here are a few other general hugging rules:

  • Take a cue from body language.
  • Consider the setting.
  • Be considerate of boundaries.
  • If you wonder if a hug is appropriate, it probably isn't.
  • Don’t linger in the hug unless you’re hugging a good friend, family member or romantic partner.
  • Hug your friends and family more often, it’s good for everyone!