Dealing with stress at work

When we're at work, we're likely feeling some level of stress, whether job-related or something we carry with us related to circumstances at home. No matter the source, stress can slowly – or quickly – erode our ability to be productive and efficient workers. It also can leave us feeling frustrated, alienated and depleted.

Stress can push you toward – or away from – food. It can keep you up at night, affecting your ability to really "show up" for work. It can leave you with a tense back or a string of nasty tension headaches. It can put you in a funk, or send you into a more serious depression. Only you know the extent of your stress, and if it requires the help of a health professional.

There are, however, things you can do on the job to alleviate the emotional and physical burden of stress, such as eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise before and after work – and even while at work. Take breaks. Talk to a friend. Tap into your employee assistance program – that's what it's there for. Make sure you get plenty of sleep.

You can step it up a notch, too. Maybe you've wanted to learn the art of meditation? We can connect you with discounted resources to help you do that. Maybe you want to evaluate your life approach to stress and work on a new you with a personal health coach? We can help you do that, too. Maybe someone you know recommended acupuncture? We have a list of discounted providers to choose from.

* Available for members who work in companies with 51 or more employees.