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iconhomeHome is where the heart is. It’s also where the laundry piles up and the dust bunnies scurry under foot. You work hard to maintain the physical place in which you live, and also, to foster an emotional environment that reflects the kind of home you crave. Embrace the things that make your house a home, whether it’s a meal with family or friends, wrestling with the dog, tending your garden or savoring a bedtime story. Cut the lawn, but host dance parties on it, too. Make the bed but also jump on it.

Find what moves you – at home


iconworkLike it or not, work is where you spend most of your day. If you’re an office type, your backside is mostly parked in a chair. If your job requires manual labor, you’re moving – but maybe not in the best way. There are challenges to every job, but the one we all share – no matter who signs our paycheck – is how to enjoy what we do when we spend so much time doing it. It really is possible to feel better on the job and fit healthy into your work day.

Find what moves you – at work


iconfamilyWhether you’ve stayed close to the people who brought you into the world or have created your own, family is personal. When you let people get close, they become an integral part of your support system. These are the people who lift you up when you’re down, who hold your hand when you’re sick, who know your good side and your other side. These are the people most vital to you, and you to them. Your time together is precious, so use it to exercise your right to a better, richer life by finding ways to fit healthy in.

Find your fit with family


iconfriendsPeople with a healthy circle of friends live longer. There's a study that proves it. Enduring or blossoming friendships are a thing of beauty, to be sure, but we encourage you to take the benefit to your well-being a step or several further: find new and fun ways to fit healthy into your friendship. You're probably already doing it: walking and talking; taking time to relax and unwind; playing a team sport or salsa-ing the night away at a club; hiking or biking; combing the beach or your hair at the spa. Indulge and splurge, and venture out into the world to find your fit together.

Find your fit with friends


iconcommunityWhether activist or pacifist, red state of mind or blue, knitter or welder, musician or magician, we all have our people: that profession, spiritual kind, political stripe or archetype. What we believe, what fuels our passion, draws us closer to those like us. Fitting in feels good. Making connections with like minds is energizing and inspiring, and finding your place in the community has the potential to boost your health and happiness. Rooted deeply in the Providence heritage is service to others – something we believe is a vital part of a healthy inner life, and part of your overall well-being.

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