FitTogether is about finding the kind of healthy that works for you, whether you’re a member or employer, provider or producer. FitTogether offers a comprehensive population health management solution for employers that focuses on our systems of care, improving quality while managing costs, and creating a healthy workplace while having fun. And we’re encouraging our members to find their fit – to discover for themselves what being healthy means – whether at home or work, with family or friends, or in the larger community.

find your fit

Finding your fit means finding your place of comfort and belonging. It means finding your groove. And it means finding what works for you. We want you to find your fit – in body, mind and spirit. However you define healthy, whichever path you take to reach your goals – we’ll be there to cheer you on. When you’re healthy, the world takes on a brighter hue. You feel more connected to the people around you. You know how to get your verve on. We believe in finding your right fit – at home or work, with family or friends, or in your community – and running with it.

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Fit for your workforce

How does healthy work for you? It works when you meet your employees where they’re at and show them how to fit new and interesting healthy behaviors into their lives. It works when you care about doing the right thing – for the health of your employees and your business. It works when your employees find their fit, whether it’s partnering with a health coach to improve day-to-day well-being or working with a registered nurse care coordinator to help manage a chronic condition. Our unique blend of medical management, health improvement and workforce wellness allows us to support your employees’ specific health needs and work together toward healthier and happier.

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