Whether you've got a quick medical question or a long-term health need; whether you want to take a class to quit smoking or learn to relax; whether you want to eat more mindfully or develop a better exercise plan with a personal health coach - we've got what you need.


Stub your toe or have a mysterious bump on your leg? Call ProvRN , our 24/7 nurse advice line, where you'll find guidance from one of our expert registered nurses. We're open 365 days a year. Give us a try; you'll find the number for ProvRN on the back of your member ID card.

Providence Care Management

Struggling to get a handle on your chronic condition or feeling all alone with a new and challenging illness? Providence Care Management provides case and disease management services from our registered nurse care coordinators for a variety of conditions and illnesses. Call 800-662-1121 or email to reach a member of the team.

Health and wellness classes

Looking for a class to put the kibosh on your stress or to help you learn to cook healthier? Time to quit smoking or give yoga a shot after years of saying you want to try? From fitness to grief support, new mom education to weight management, we offer a host of classes that will enhance your life and broaden your horizons.

Partner with a personal coach

Are you looking for personalized help and extra encouragement to get healthier and feel better? Your very own personal health coach may be just what you need. Call 877-330-2746 to set up a telephone consult and find out if coaching is the right fit for you. Or log in to to learn more. Our health coaching program includes:

  • Telephone coaching sessions, which include the eXtremeFun® program for children and teens. Calls are up to 30 minutes in length and focus on:
    • Goal setting
    • Education
    • Motivation
    • Support
    • Confidence building
    • Breaking down barriers to successful goal attainment
  • E-tools, which include nutrition and fitness planners, animated exercises, the Ask A Coach feature, health articles, trackers and a personal health calendar
  • Wellness e-mails
  • MP3 downloads
  • Meal and exercise planners
  • A wellness library
  • E-coaching courses
  • Individual competitions which allow you to challenge a co-worker

Alternative care

We think it's important for you to have alternatives when it comes to the kind of care you receive, which is why we partner with ChooseHealthy™ to offer discounts on acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage therapy and dietitian services. You and your qualified dependents can take advantage of these discounted services by selecting from the ChooseHealthy™ network of providers. By partnering with a ChooseHealthy provider, you receive a 25 percent discount off of the participating provider's usual and customary fees.

Vision and hearing discounts

We partner with TruVision, Northwest Vision Associates and TruHearing to bring you great discounts on vision and hearing services. Discounted products and services include LASIK, contact lenses, eyeglasses and eye exams, as well as digital hearing aids.

* Available for members who work in companies with 51 or more employees.

FitTogether news

Have more fun finding your fit. Our monthly e-newsletter, FitTogether, is packed full of the good stuff: the latest health trends, tips and tasty recipes provided by our in-house experts and trusted health partners. You’ll also find tools, services and discounts that make taking care of your health easy and fun. Sign up today.