COBRA Administrative Services


We now offer a solution designed to simplify COBRA administration for employers with 20 or more employees. Whether you are administering COBRA yourself or are working with a vendor, our new COBRA administrative service is a compelling option.

Benefits to employers

  • Consolidating COBRA services for employers with multiple insurance carriers (up to 10 lines)
  • Saving money by eliminating a COBRA vendor bill and offering the service at no cost (What does no cost mean?)
  • Ensuring the highest level of COBRA compliance
  • Selecting Ceridian, the nation's largest COBRA services vendor

Ceridian services

With more than 50,000 clients, 8 million covered lives and 250,000 COBRA participants, Ceridian has been administering COBRA since 1986. Ceridian provides a full-service COBRA administration solution to keep employers in compliance and reduce administrative hassle. Services include:

  • An implementation support team to get services up and running
  • All required COBRA notifications
  • Participants election via Web, mail, phone and fax
  • Monthly billing and premium collection from COBRA participants
  • A customer service hotline for you and your employees
  • Online reporting

What does no cost mean?

Our COBRA administrative services are at no cost when employers follow our standard premium payment and eligibility file transfer processes.

Standard premium payment process:

  1. Ceridian, our COBRA services vendor, sends a bill to a COBRA participant
  2. The COBRA participant sends premium payment to Ceridian
  3. Ceridian sends the premium payment to the COBRA participant's employer
  4. The employer remits premium payment to Providence Health Plan, or another insurance carrier they chose to include in these services

Eligibility file transfer process:

  1. An employer sends qualifying event data to Ceridian and Providence Health Plan (and other insurance carriers if applicable)
  2. Ceridian sends required COBRA notification of the qualifying event to the employer's affected employee
  3. The employee chooses to elect COBRA and sends election back to Ceridian
  4. Ceridian sends COBRA participant information to Providence Health Plan, for Providence Health Plan members, and the employer. The employer also receives COBRA participant information for any other applicable carriers and is responsible for sharing that information with the appropriate carriers.


Please call Ceridian at 866-221-9214 for more information or review our FAQ. Call Ceridian to sign up for this service.

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