Oregon Entrepreneurs Network stays with Providence for our provider network and great value

If you manage any aspect of your company's employee health care program, you know that your employees are passionate about keeping the ability to see their current providers. When you review your benefits program – and the services and value it brings – take a quick poll. You're likely to hear (if you haven't already), "You're reviewing our benefits program? Will I still be able to go to MY doctor?" For OEN's six employees, Linda Weston, OEN's President and Executive Director, was able to answer, "Yes. That's why we're sticking with Providence."

Oregon Entrepreneurs Network, a small, not-for-profit organization located in Portland, became a Providence Health Plan customer as a group association nearly four years ago. In January 2010, when the association dissolved, they stayed with Providence Health Plan.

Why Providence?

There are three main reasons why OEN continues to count on Providence Health Plan for their medical plan benefits:

  1. Great value for the rates
  2. Access to Providence's network of providers
  3. Additional coverage options

Take a closer look at OEN's assessment:

Great value for the rates. Initially, Linda was very skeptical about being able to provide quality benefits at affordable rates for such a small business. What she found, though, is that Providence has consistently offered choice among quality plans with affordable rates for the value – even for a small organization like OEN. She's been impressed with the high-level of benefits with renewal rate increases lower than most other organizations. She said, "Our team marvels that they work for a not-for-profit organization, and are receiving health benefits that are as good IBM's." It's great to be able to offer quality benefits to the team.

Access to Providence's provider network. Linda's heard it, "We need to preserve the patient-physician relationship." She meets that request with Providence, which is the second reason why OEN stays with Providence Health Plan. Providence network of providers is very important to OEN employees, who can receive medical services from most physicians and providers and hospitals in Oregon and Washington. Plus, OEN's employees are covered by more than a half million providers throughout the US, great for peace of mind when they travel or for kids who are out of state.

Options for additional benefits. OEN counts on Providence for traditional medical plan coverage. They also know that additional benefit options are available. OEN has supplemented their traditional medical plan benefits with alternative care benefits – an important feature for their active staff. Linda noted, "Even if we don't use these benefits much, knowing that they're available is reassuring."

Providence Health Plans looks forward to serving northwest companies with quality, choice and affordability today and moving forward. We're thrilled to hear why companies like OEN chose and stay with Providence. If your company is interested in being highlighted in Health in Business, please contact Kathy Colombo.

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Oregon Entrepreneurs Network is a not-for-profit, 501 (C) (3) corporation that educates, supports, and advocates for the entrepreneurial community in order to further business growth and employment opportunities in Oregon. Its mission is to be the premier networking forum for entrepreneurs, investors, and those with interests in supporting and nurturing entrepreneurship in Oregon. OEN provides education opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors, encourages entrepreneurship, and advocates the entrepreneurial environment.