Providence health care networks

When you self-fund with Providence, strategically pair the plan with one of these Providence networks. Both provide in-network access to providers members know and trust while helping you manage your program budget.

Providence Signature Network

  • Most commonly selected network for ASO plans
  • Broadest selection of providers
  • Nearly 1 million in network providers
  • More than 350,000 in network specialist nationwide
  • More than 10,000 specialists in Oregon and Washington
signature network map

Providence Choice Network

  • Greater cost control than Providence Signature Network
  • Encourages use of in-network providers
  • More than 275 primary care medical homes that are certified by the Oregon Health Authority for quality and savings
  • In most Oregon and select Washington counties
choice network map

To learn more about the advantages of Providence ASO, talk with your consultant, call Providence Health Plan at 503-574-6300, or email us.