Protect your investment with stop-loss insurance

Limit liability with stop-loss insurance. Appropriate levels of specific and aggregate stop-loss insurance provide financial protection for claims that exceed an individual employee’s or the entire group’s claim thresholds, respectively.

  • Specific stop-loss insurance protects from high-cost individual claims. Our specific stop-loss insurance starts at $25,000 and increases in $5,000 increments, giving you a wide range of options for specific stop-loss insurance.
  • Aggregate stop-loss insurance protects from the entire group’s claims that exceed the contracts total liability. There’s typically a 20 to 25 percent corridor between expected claims and the aggregate stop-loss attachment point – the point at which aggregate stop-loss coverage picks up claims costs. Aggregate stop-loss insurance starts a 120 percent and is available in 5 percent increments.

Contract terms

Flexible contract terms are available to accommodate your unique needs. Your consultant can help you choose the appropriate stop-loss partner and type and level of stop-loss insurance. 

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