ASO services

Our ASO offering includes a full suite of standard and optional services to help you design a health benefits package tailored to your business and the health of your employee population. 

  Standard  Optional 
Flexible and custom benefit platforms
Option Advantage, HSA-Qualified, Connect, Choice, pharmacy 
Competitive discounts to our national provider network  
Evidence-based and effective medical management  
Claims determination and accurate processing  
Comprehensive online reporting  
Dedicated account management teams   
Clear benefit summaries   
Seamless enrollment and billing  
A secure member website, myProvidence with Wellness Central, and FitTogether, a suite of health and wellness programs for a fit workforce  
Aggregate and specific stop-loss insurance at competitive rates  
EAP and health coaching tailored to members' specific needs  
Integrated HSA, HRA and FSA accounts with HealthEquity  

Health plans

Customize plan designs to meet the unique needs of your business and employee population.

Medical plan options

  • Option Advantage plans provide a premier level of coverage that are easy to use and offer predictable costs for members. Offer this type of plan along with the Providence Signature Network.
  • HSA Qualified plans give members affordable coverage coupled with a tax-advantaged health savings account. Offer this type of plan along with the Providence Signature Network.
  • Connect plans combine a medical home model of care with a tailored provider network to achieve substantial premium savings. Members select a recognized medical home clinic from the Portland metropolitan area that’s part of the Providence Connect Network.
  • Choice plans connect members to a team of health professionals who are part of their medical home; a dedicated medical home team coordinates all aspect of a member’s health from wellness and prevention to active management of chronic conditions. Offer this type of plan along with the Providence Choice Network.
  • New! Personal Option is being relaunched. Like Option Advantage Premium, it leverages coverage to in-network providers only, utilizing our Signature network. Many services not subject to the deductible.

Pharmacy, vision and alternative care plans

Round out the company’s health benefit program with integrated pharmacy, vision and alternative care coverage.

  • Pharmacy plans are founded on evidence-based formularies, which are reviewed regularly to ensure employees have access to safe, effective and affordable medications.
  • Vision plans are offered through our partnership with the largest vision provider providing enrolled employees access to 50,000 providers in more than 48,000 locations throughout the nation.
  • Alternative care plans offer health benefits to access care from chiropractors, acupuncturist, massage therapists and other alternative care providers. 

To learn more about the advantages of Providence ASO, talk with your consultant, call Providence Health Plan at 503-574-6300, or email us.