Open Option plans

Open Option plans provide a premier level of coverage with full access to the national Providence Signature Network and non-network providers. These plans are easy to use and provide predictable costs for members.

Plan features

  • Specialist visits without a referral
  • Predictable out-of-pocket costs through upfront coverage and low copay and coinsurance options
  • Plan designs with combined or separate in and out-of-network deductible and out-of-pocket maximums
  • In-network deductible waived for many services, including office visits, health exams, urgent care, emergency room services, imaging, diagnostic services, women’s health services, routine immunization and maternity prenatal care
  • Deductible applied to out-of-pocket maximum
  • Includes no-cost access to Providence Express Care Virtual, our Web-based health care service offering free and convenient, on-demand video visits on your smartphone, tablet or computer without an appointment

Plan design options

Copay  Coinsurance  OOP Maximum*
$15 10%/20% $2,000  $250
$20 20%/40%
$2,500  $500 
$3,000 $750 

$3,500 $1,000 

  $4,000 $1,500 
    $5,000 $2,000
    $7,150 $2,500

* Individual amounts are shown. The family out-of-pocket maximum and family deductible are two times the individual amounts.

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Workforce wellness included

The FitTogether™ suite of programs and services, including health coaching, encourages better health, greater productivity and a more engaged workforce.

Greater flexibility through pairing health plans

Providence's multi-plan option gives you the flexibility to offer your employees a choice of plans while ensuring your benefits package aligns with the needs of your business.

Value-added services and buy-up options

Rounding out these health plan benefits is your opportunity to seamlessly integrate other Providence services and benefits like pharmacy and vision, alternative medicine or an HSA, HRA or FSA into the plan you offer.

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