Providence dental plans quote assumptions

Shelf rates are available

  1. Shelf Rates are valid for up to 200 subscribers.
  2. If medical and dental enrollment matches, minimum contribution requirements are waived and participation requirements defer to the medical.
  3. If medical and dental enrollment does not match, subscriber-level enrollment may vary between medical and dental. A subscriber has three choices:
    1. Enrolling on medical and dental with matching enrollment
    2. Enrolling on medical only with no dental
    3. Enrolling on dental only with no medical
  4. A group may implement at most one Shelf plan design (multiple plan options are not allowed).
  5. Shelf rates are not valid for Associations, PEO's, Dental offices, or Unions/Multi-employer Trusts.
  6. No carve outs allowed for shelf rates (e.g., Retirees only, Management only, etc.).
  7. Dual carrier offerings require s a minimum group size of 100 enrollees.