Total Enhanced plans

With the most robust level of coverage, our new Total Enhanced plans offer your employees best-in-class benefits with full access to the Providence Signature Network for the ultimate flexibility.

Total Enhanced plans offer:

  • Rich benefits, with platinum, gold and silver options
  • The greatest cost predictability with low copays and deductible-waived benefits
  • Copays starting as low as $10, deductibles as low as $250 and out-of-pocket maximums as low as $2,500
  • Deductibles waived for doctor and specialist visits, ER and urgent care, lab and X-ray services, generic and preferred brand-name drugs, and chiropractic manipulation and acupuncture
  • A combined deductible and out-of-pocket maximum
  • Deductible waived on all five pharmacy tiers
  • Provider choice in and out of the Providence Signature Network
  • Pediatric dental coverage
  • Adult vision coverage (exams and hardware)
  • Up to 15 combined chiropractic manipulation and acupuncture visits per year

Cost-sharing ranges for in-network benefits

PPP Copay*  $10 - $35 
Coinsurance 20% - 30%
OOP Maximum $2,500 - $6,850
Deductible $250 - $5,000
Rx Generic Copay* $7 - $15
Rx Preferred Brand Copay* $25 - $60
Rx Non-Preferred Brand* 30%
Rx Specialty and Compound* 30%
*Deductible waived

Benefit summaries

View the plan details for all seven Total Enhanced plan options.

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