HSA Qualified plans

These lower-premium, high-deductible health plans give members affordable coverage and the flexibility to choose any provider. They also help members save for future health care needs via a tax-advantaged health savings account. Members can keep this account even if they change employers. 

HSA Qualified plans offer:

  • Lower premiums with most services subject to the deductible
  • In-network preventive care and routine vision services that are covered before the deductible
  • A seamless member experience for tracking and paying HSA Qualified plan expenses through integrated claims processing, available with HealthEquity
  • Provider choice, in or out of the Providence Signature Network
  • Pediatric dental coverage
  • Adult vision coverage (exams only)
  • Up to 10 chiropractic manipulation and acupuncture visits per year

Cost-sharing ranges for in-network benefits

PPP Coinsurance  20% - 40%
Coinsurance 20% - 40%
OOP Maximum $5,000 - $6,450
Deductible $1,500 - $6,450
Rx Generic 20% - 40%
Rx Preferred Brand 20% - 40%
Rx Non-Preferred Brand 20% - 40%
Rx Specialty and Compound 20% - 40%

Benefit summaries

View the plan details for all five HSA Qualified plan options.

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