Choice plans

Choice plans utilize a medical home model that provides a team of health professionals dedicated to each member's overall well-being. Members select a medical home from the Providence Choice Network. The medical home supports all aspects of a member's health. 

Choice plans offer:

  • More than 235 medical home clinics in Oregon and southwest Washington that provide a patient-focused, coordinated care experience
  • Access to a broad network of specialists via referral in order to receive coverage at the in-network level
  • Deductibles waived for doctor and specialist visits, urgent care, lab and X-ray services, chiropractic manipulation and acupuncture, and generic and preferred brand-name drugs
  • Separate deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums in and out of the network
  • Pediatric dental coverage
  • Adult vision coverage (exams and hardware)
  • Up to 10 combined chiropractic manipulation and acupuncture visits per year

To ensure coverage for members outside the Choice Network service area, a Choice plan must be paired with another Providence health plan that uses the Providence Signature Network (Total Enhanced, Total, Balance, HSA Qualified and Standard plans).

For a complete list of available medical homes and providers by location, visit

Cost-sharing ranges for in-network benefits

PPP Copay*  $35 - $50
Coinsurance 30% - 50%
OOP Maximum $6,850
Deductible $1,700 - $6,800
Rx Generic Copay* $15 - $45
Rx Preferred Brand Copay* $65 - $95
Rx Non-Preferred Brand 50%* (Silver); 50% (Bronze)
Rx Specialty and Compound 40% - 50%
*Deductible waived

Benefit summaries

View the plan details for all four Choice plan options.

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