Caring for Your Health

Stemming from our tradition in Catholic health care, Providence Health Plan is guided by underlying principles and core values in our approach to providing for your health. These beliefs include:

  • We are a community that provides health care to those in need.
  • We encourage collaboration between physicians and patients to ensure understanding and awareness of all treatment options.
  • We respect and safeguard the dignity of our members.
  • We advocate for people whose conditions put them at the margins of society and make them particularly vulnerable.
  • We promote responsible use of health care resources, believing that they are entrusted to us for the common good and service of others.

Whatever your beliefs, we are here to meet your health needs. Our employees work from a respectful and non-judgmental stance. We care for people of all religious faiths, as well as those who have no faith tradition.

Keeping People Healthy

Providence uses a collaborative approach to delivering health care. We support an environment in which health care professionals work together to help individuals and families stay healthy through health education, prevention and regular health screenings.

A Close Relationship with a Personal Physician or Provider

The patient and physician relationship is created through mutual respect, trust, honesty and confidentiality. We encourage the establishment of a close relationship between individuals and their personal physician or provider. This means each patient's health history is understood and followed over time by a provider, and that both physician and patient are participating in the healing process.

We believe patients and their doctors should work together to develop a coordinated plan of care that includes specialists and a full range of disciplines. We encourage that doctors share information and knowledge with each other and their patients so that their patients can receive the full benefit of care.

Providing a Coordinated Network of High-Quality Care

Providence Health Plans offers a robust network of physicians, caregivers, hospitals and pharmacies throughout the country in order to help meet the unique health care needs of our more than 375,000 members.

Prevention and Better Use of Resources

Our members receive the best care available to them. We focus on early detection, treatment of disease, wellness and prevention because we know these lead to the best outcomes for individuals and optimize the available health care dollars.


We are accountable to our members in the areas of clinical, social and financial responsibility.

Clinical accountability is demonstrated by providing quality care with an emphasis on early disease detection, health maintenance and treatment of the whole person.

Social responsibility is fostered by recognizing that people are more than just physical beings. They have many different facets and operate on many different levels. Their lives are affected by their relationships with family and community. On the individual level this means a special obligation to care for one's own health. On a societal level this means society's responsibility for providing adequate health care, a basic human right, to those who are most vulnerable.  We have a duty and obligation to ensure that all people receive the appropriate health care they need.

We recognize that health care dollars are limited and that there is a need to use these resources wisely. Providence partners with health care facilities and providers to manage health care resources responsibly. Ultimately, this means providing the right care at the right time for our members.

Review Recent Patient Satisfaction Scores

Providence Health Plan believes that being accountable to our members also means creating transparency around our business. Find out what our members think from a recent patient satisfaction survey.